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Only a crime if it’s not Hillary? Sharyl Attkisson drops an inconvenient HAMMER on Lefties frothing over Ivanka’s emails

Once again we see the Left’s hypocrisy, this time with Ivanka Trump’s emails. Now, we get what they’re trying to do, they’re fussy with the Right because Hillary got HAMMERED (but not convicted) for her emails so now they think this Ivanka email thing is a gotcha. But Sharyl Attkisson points

Alexa can now help you donate to Toys for Tots and other charities

Fresh off its biggest shopping day in history, Cyber Monday 2018, Amazon today is making it easy for Alexa owners to participate in Giving Tuesday, the international day of charitable giving that follows the holiday shopping spree kicked off by Thanksgiving Day sales. Starting today, Alexa owners can donate a