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Blog Post: Dawn of Dreams .

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams …Your unlikely Role Playing Game and The last entry in the main series. (my personal favorite) This one in particular was different, changed the series' formula from Hack 'n Slash /Action Adventure to a Role Playing Game. everything from the layouts to the fact that you can now switch party members ( you have a party of four switchable characters with four different classes ), the dialogues-layout as you can see in the screenshot below, got that JRPG frame like and feel to it. and lastly the fact that you get to boost and level up to lvl100 (in previous entries there were just like 3 weapons that you can boost up to level 3) in Dawn of Dreams you get to buy/unlock tons of different swords, armors and accessories. some weapons can be boosted up to level 100, (elemental weapons release/spam magic executing combos just like in Kingdoms of Amalur ) It was 'hard' for the fans to adapt/admit at first because ya know, (we struggle with change) but if we're gonna call a hybrid FPS or Third person shooter like BoringLands or Mass Effect an RPGs ….then it's totally fine to call a Role Playing Game an RPG. I loved Dawn of Dreams, Story/Gameplay/Graphic wise everything about it was superior to the previous entries and a huge step up. the mini-puzzle games were topnotch and so enjoyable and rewarding as well (Difficult puzzles = Advanced items/weapons and accessories) The Dark Realms/Bonus "free" content (100 stages in a row) might take up to 12-13 hours to complete depends on your level of skills,equipments and items, and of course no save or check points. The Dark Realms offers tons of SUPER rare buffed items and in the last stage (stage 100) you get to fight all of the Bosses in the game on the hardest difficulty all at once! and the last reward is one of the coolest AND strongest badass looking sword that cuts through enemies from afar (by releasing sharp deadly waves/puff of air) Onimusha Dawn of Dreams is simply one of the best games released for the PS2, highly recommended. Watch the Opening in HD: [View:]

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