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Brian Austin Green Texted Luke Perry After He Died

Brian Austin Green did not make a public statement after Luke Perry passed away.

Because many people on the Internet are horrible and judgmental, the actor was raked over the social media coals by some folks as a result of this decision.

Green addressed the stupid criticism in a recent statement.

perry/bad puc

But it turns out that the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star did have a poignant reaction to the sudden death of his ex-colleague and close friend, one he shared with podcast listeners late last week.

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“I texted him after he passed, knowing obviously that he can’t text me back but on some level, hoping that he would text me back, or that he was out there somewhere,” Green explained to listeners.

Green, of course, who starred as David Silver alongside Perry’s Dylan McKay on the long-running Fox drama.

These will forever be the roles for which both celebrities are best known.

Brian Austin Green and luke

Green went on to say that he knows Perry is out there, somewhere, somehow, adding:

“I know he’s looking down and I know he’s smiling.”

Perry tragically died on March 4, five days after he suffered a massive stroke.

According to most reports shortly afterward, he never regained consciousness following this incident — but he was at least surrounded by loved ones when he left this planet.

“Luke was a special guy,” Green says.

“I’m still mourning over it, so there’s a part of me that’s kind of shocked that I’m speaking about Luke this way/

“We all knew that at some point we’d have to deal with losing cast members and friends, but not this soon. Not at 52. Not in such an abrupt way.”

Luke Perry Snapshot

Tributes to Perry have come pourning in ever since he passed away.

The actor impacted so many lives, from those he scarcely knew — did you read this amazing story from Colin Hanks? — to those alongside whom he worked for years; on 90210 and/or Riverdale and/or many other projects in between.

“Dearest Luke, I will forever bask in the loving memories we’ve shared over the last thirty years … God please give him a seat close to to you, he deserves it,” Tweeted Ian Ziering a couple weeks ago.

Added Shannen Doherty, who had just recently starting spending time with Perry again:

“I’m struggling with this loss and am having a hard time with my thoughts. But, my heart goes out to his family and friends who were blessed by his light in their (and mine) lives.

“Processing this is impossible right now.”

Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry

Green clearly feels the same way.

“Luke was one of those people nobody had a bad story about. He was just a great guy,” he said on his podcast, concluding:

“And he was Luke no matter where you saw him, no matter when you saw him, no matter what he was going through. He was a rock.”

Read more reactions to Perry’s death below, as so many of those who knew him well continue to struggle with what transpired.

May he rest in peace.

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