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DOG WHISTLE: Brave NBC News reporter posts lyrics to “Brown Sugar,” played before Trump rally

President Trump is in Indiana Thursday night for a rally and NBC News reporter Jonathan Allen, knowing full well that the president personally picks the setlist that plays as the crowd is being led in, thought it important to post the entire lyrics of The Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar.”

Trust us, we were as shocked as you were to finally study the lyrics to a song from 1971.

Here are the lyrics to the Rolling Stones' 'Brown Sugar,' which is playing at the Trump rally right now.

— Jonathan Allen (@jonallendc) August 30, 2018

Unbelievable. Why doesn’t Trump just come out in Robert Bryd’s old Klan uniform?

Mr Allen, are you there, live in person? Because sometimes a hosting web site has their own playlist. Right now I'm watching on YouTube and hearing patriotic music. Stop the race-baiting, it's not going to work!

— Pilar (@sahgma) August 30, 2018

If you're watching on youtube, you're probably watching the Trump TV feed, which I believe just does a rotation of patriotic songs. Most of the playlist tonight is familiar from previous Trump rallies, but I don't remember Brown Sugar playing at the other ones I've been to.

— Jonathan Allen (@jonallendc) August 31, 2018

We just thank God that a brave firefighter like Allen is there to report these things.

Did you just "damn kids with your music" to the Rolling Stones? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

— Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) August 30, 2018

This "rock-n-roll" nonsense is corrupting our youth!

— jon gabriel (@exjon) August 31, 2018


— Federal Spy Guy (@FederalSpyGuy) August 30, 2018

Suddenly, they find Rolling Stones lyrics that have been around for decades problematic because Trump. JFC journalism is dead.

— John (@johninUT) August 30, 2018

Huge scoop there.

— Alex Zelinski (@A_Zelinski) August 31, 2018

Digging into the big tub of paste tonight I see.

— Chibi William Henry Harrison (@TobytheBeagle1) August 31, 2018

Yes. This is a Rolling Stones song. They made it. It's music.

— Ministry of Tooth (@OfTooth) August 30, 2018


— Byron York (@ByronYork) August 31, 2018

Good on Trump for revealing racist Rolling Stones lyrics.

Those limey bastards!

— T-Bone (@Mister_T_Bone) August 31, 2018

Yeah, maybe take it up with Mick Jagger and every radio station that’s played that track over the last several decades.


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— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) November 9, 2017

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