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Spotlight on green news & views: climate science deniers keep spewing BS; coastal cleanup

This is the 571st edition of the Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue). Here is the August 25 edition. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it.


Pakalolo writes—Third species of algae, fueled by decomposing fish, is found blooming in Southwest Florida waters: “Red tide Rick has a lot to answer for as an even more worrying threat from the deadly algae blooms has emerged that may devastate Florida’s marine environments even more than the red tide and cyanobacteria have been able to do these past couple of months. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWS) reported an outbreak of Trichodesmium, sometimes called brown tide, in the seawater off the coast of Manatee County one of the hard-hit counties on Florida west coast. Scientists believe that these particular algae are not by themselves toxic to humans and marine life. But the FWS notes that the way the brown tide ‘grows and feeds could also feed the red tide organism Karenia brevis.’ When the brown tide collides with the deadly red tide, it could cause a ‘super bloom’ scientists fear. Brown tide algae form when iron-rich African dust blows across the Atlantic ocean and settles on water, making the algae unique in that it gets most of its nitrogen from the atmosphere. But in this case, the brown tide feeds off the decomposing bodies of fish. ‘This process is called nitrogen fixation. Because nitrogen fixation is limited by iron availability, new iron introduced into the water will stimulate Trichodesmium blooms,’ says an FWC statement on Trichodesmium.”

Dan Bacher writes—California Senate defeats bill that would hand over electric grid to Trump administration: “On Friday night, the California Senate defeated a regional grid proposal, AB 813 (Holden), that would have ceded California’s control over its electric grid to a regional agency controlled by federal regulators under the Trump administration. Food & Water Watch, Consumer Watchdog and over 100 environmental, consumer, community, and labor organizations waged the successful campaign in opposition to AB 813. ‘We commend the California Senate and President Pro Tem Atkins for protecting California’s taxpayers and clean energy future by defeating AB 813,’ said Adam Scow, California director, Food & Water Watch, in a statement. ‘Californians suffered greatly from the electricity deregulation of the 1990s and are still paying the costs of excessive power plants and energy speculation today.’ ‘The Senate leadership was wise to not subject California to another deregulation scheme that would have empowered the Trump administration to stick California with more coal and fracked gas. California remains in control of its energy destiny and may now proceed with getting to 100% renewable energy without outside interference,’ Scow stated. The text and history of the bill is available here:…