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7 Halloween Couples Costume Ideas That Won’t Make Everyone Hate You

Oh boy, here it comes. Get ready for the onslaught of scarves, Uggs, pumpkin spice lattes, oversized sweaters, and unnecessary diving-into-leaves posts. With all this autumnal celebrating comes the preparation for Halloween, also known as the night we dress as total sluts and no one can say anything, because was

The New Apple Stores Just May Be The Sign Of The Apocalypse

9/14/2017: The Shopping Apocalypse Is Nigh, So Pray For A Swift Death By Lydia Bugg The Bible says that the apocalypse will be announced by seven angels blowing seven trumpets, but we at Cracked think there is a much more subtle indicator that the end times are near,

6 Ways Movie Trailers Always Lie (That You’ve Never Noticed)

The purpose of trailers isn't to give you an accurate impression of a movie or TV show or game so that you know whether you'd enjoy it -- it's to get your money, whatever it takes. Once they have that, you're someone else's problem. So trailer editors have come

I Was A Human Search Engine In The Days Before Google

Get intimate with our new podcast Cracked Gets Personal. Subscribe for funny, fascinating episodes like Rape, Pee Funnels and The Dolphin: Female Soldiers Speak Up and Inside The Secret Epidemic Of Cops Shooting Dogs, available wherever you get your podcasts. Read Next 6 A Lot Of Harmful

This Week In Pop Culture (9/01/17)

9/01/2017: The Price Of Millennium Falcons Is Too Damn High. By Ian Fortey It's Force Friday, and that has nothing to do with jamming things into places they don't belong! It's about Star Wars merchandise! And this year's King Shit Toy is a massive 7,541-piece Lego Millennium Falcon,

Dear ‘Free Speech’ Activists, You’re Not Helping

For a lot of us, the events in Charlottesville were a terrifying glimpse into an emboldened white nationalist movement. For others, it was apparently an opportunity to lecture Facebook friends about free speech. This divide got super weird in Boston on August 19th, when a group of free speech

6 Big Movies Made By The Last Person You’d Expect

We all know who's responsible for most famous movies. George Lucas made Star Wars. Ridley Scott made Alien. Humanity's collective sins willed Minions into existence. But sometimes the people behind famous movies aren't that well known, and can even be the last person you'd expect. For example ... 5

5 Reasons Millennials Should Destroy The Concept Of Marriage

When you are young and free, the summer is a time to be off school, travel, and lament that you aren't beach-body ready. But once you get a bit older, summer means one thing: Wedding season. Just, so many goddamn weddings. Whether it's traveling to a destination wedding, sitting