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Photo Algorithms ID White Men FineBlack Women, Not So Much

Facial recognition is becoming more pervasive in consumer products and law enforcement, backed by increasingly powerful machine-learning technology. But a test of commercial facial-analysis services from IBM and Microsoft raises concerns that the systems scrutinizing our features are significantly less accurate for people with black skin.Researchers tested features of Microsoft

Foxconn to plug at least $340M into AI R&D over five years

Manufacturing giant Foxconn has said it will make a major investment in artificial intelligence-based R&D as it looks for new business growth opportunities in a cooling global smartphone market, Nikkei reports. “We will at least invest some 10 billion New Taiwan dollars ($342M) over five years to recruit top talent

AI hype has peaked so whats next?

Tom Rikert is a partner at Next World Capital. More posts by this contributor: The Next Big Opportunity In Enterprise Starts In The Field 2017 has been the year of AI, reaching a fever pitch of VC and corporate