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Guardian Circle upgrades with a decentralized alert network

Chris Hays and Mark Jeffrey wanted to create a way for everyone to be able to tell their loved ones if they were in trouble. Their first product, Guardian Circle, did just that, netting a mention a few years ago. Now the same team is truly decentralizing alerts with a new

Stephen Bannon buys into bitcoin

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is betting that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can disrupt banking the way Trump disrupted American politics.Read more about this at

Theres an $814 Million Mystery Near the Heart of the Biggest Bitcoin Exchange

Among the many mysteries at the heart of the cryptocurrency market are these: Does $814 million of a digital token known as tether really exist? And what is tether’s connection to Bitfinex, the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange?This is the state of crypto in late 2017, where questions about the companies

The Party Is Over for Australia’s $5.6 Trillion Housing Frenzy

The party is finally winding down for Australia’s housing market. How severe the hangover is will determine the economy’s fate for years to come.After five years of surging prices, the market value of the nation’s homes has ballooned to A$7.3 trillion ($5.6 trillion) -- or more than four times gross