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Here’s what Bethesda announced at E3 2018

For the past few days, Bethesda has been dominating a few big downtown L.A. buildings with massive Fallout posters. It’s clear the company is barnstorming E3 this year, and Fallout 76 has monopolized that conversation. But Bethesda’s got a lot more in the works, including more sequels to beloved gaming franchises

Fallout 76 Gives Overwatch Fans Crossover Fever

When Fallout 76 was announced yesterday, half the world immediately thought “Heck yeah, new Fallout.” But the other half—a more insidious and frankly intolerable one that includes noted individuals such as me—started cracking jokes about Soldier 76 from Overwatch. Then came the fan art.Read more...Read more about this at