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Yes, it is damn cold, but that does not mean climate change is not happening

I live in Wisconsin. It has been known to get cold here. The temperature above is real, and doesn’t include windchill. When I grabbed this screen capture, there was a difference of 96 degrees Fahrenheit between the temperature outside of my house and the temperature inside it. The air actually hurts your face in

Green group criticizes Colorado candidate for greenwashing image with climate caucus

With the upcoming midterm elections expected to be competitive across more districts than usual, congressional Republicans who represent swing districts have used membership in the House Climate Solutions Caucus to burnish their environmental credentials — without having to vote for bills that would help the environment or climate. The latest example

Trump opens up popular Minnesota wilderness area to mining

Trump administration officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced in a quietly released statement on Thursday that 234,000 acres of land near a popular Minnesota wilderness area will officially open to mining. “Interested companies now may soon be able to lease minerals in the watershed in the Superior National

Deadly, 40,000-foot fire tornado revealed in new videos

Harrowing new footage released by California's firefighting agency Cal Fire reveals the massive fire tornado that led to the death of a firefighter on July 26. The fire tornado was part of the Carr Fire that's engulfed 223,610 acres of land in Northern California so far. A report from Cal Fire

A megadrought destroyed the Mayan civilization. We’re next.

A new study finds that it was a severe and long-lasting megadrought that destroyed the great Mayan civilization a thousand years ago. But the research has ominous relevance for us today since America’s top scientists have warned us that President Trump’s climate policies will make such civilization destroying megadroughts commonplace in