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Study says cannabis-related hospital visits are on the rise in Colorado

Researchers at the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital say that there have been 9,973 cannabis-related emergency room visits at their hospital between 2012 and 2016. They add that this means hospital trips related to cannabis use have tripled.  Read more...More about Marijuana, Cannabis, Colorado, Weed, and Thc

Green group criticizes Colorado candidate for greenwashing image with climate caucus

With the upcoming midterm elections expected to be competitive across more districts than usual, congressional Republicans who represent swing districts have used membership in the House Climate Solutions Caucus to burnish their environmental credentials — without having to vote for bills that would help the environment or climate. The latest example

These Suburbanites May Have No Fracking Choice

When Bill Young peers out the window of his $700,000 home in Broomfield, Colo., he drinks in a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. Starting next year, he may also glimpse one of the 99 drilling rigs that Extraction Oil & Gas Inc. wants to use to get at the