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The new Congress is the most diverse ever

The new Congress is the most diverse ever, except when it comes to religion.  Read more...More about Politics, Mashable Video, Congress, Diversity, and Nancy Pelosi

Workers Describe How They’re Trying to Survive the Trump Shutdown

At a Christmas Day press conference, President Donald Trump told reporters that federal workers had signaled to him that they were happy to be furloughed or working without pay. But as the partial government shutdown enters its fifth day, federal workers, contractors, and others who face an indefinite period without a

Republicans Have Been Putting a Ton of Work Into Screwing Over Endangered Species

It’s been a brutal legislative session for endangered plants and animals. Just in the past week and a half, Congressional Republicans moved forward at least a dozen measures intended to gut the Endangered Species Act. On Thursday, the House passed an Interior appropriations bill that would cut funding for environmental and science programs