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‘I take it personally’: NFL star chokes up responding to Trump’s attacks.

President Donald Trump's divisive comments on the NFL protests are making national headlines, but to Miami Dolphin Michael Thomas, the remarks hit close to home. Michael Thomas. Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius XM. Speaking to reporters from the locker room on Sunday, Thomas — who has knelt during the national

Sarah Connor returns: Linda Hamilton to star in Terminator 6 after 25-year absence

Latest instalment of the franchise will see Hamilton reunited with Arnold Schwarzenegger and original creator James CameronLinda Hamilton is the latest name to return to the Terminator films, more than 25 years since her last appearance as the series robot-battling heroine Sarah Connor. The actors return was announced by Terminator

Sean Spicer’s Emmys bit is the redemption arc we don’t need right now.

Sean Spicer, the man who began his tenure at the White House by claiming, contrary to all evidence, that Trump's inauguration crowd was "the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period," received a roaring round of applause when he appeared on stage at the Emmys. Sean Spicer at the

Kid reveals what he found on the ground and his mother is horrified

Ask a little kid "let me see what you have" when you notice an object in their hand and you never know what you may get.  Just pray it's not a knife. SEE ALSO: 'Game of Thrones' actor Alfie Allen hilariously busts a fan for lying in her Instagram comments

The endless adaptability of Philip K Dick

From the new Blade Runner to Channel 4s Electric Dreams, the insatiable hunger for PKD stories on screen shows no sign of abatingWith the Channel 4 series of dramas based on his short stories starting, Blade Runner, released in 1982, the year the author died. But there has also been

Hillary Clinton just magnificently trolled Donald Trump on Twitter

Twitter 2017: Trump VS ClintonImage: mashable composite: Ian MacNicol/getty images and Chip Somodevilla/getty imagesHillary Clinton just @'d Donald Trump on Twitter and it's about to go down. On Wednesday night, over ten months after winning the Presidential Election, Donald Trump decided to bash his former opponent Hillary Clinton on Twitter.  But

President Flip Flops show off the times Trump has contradicted himself

Most politicians flip flop on issues, but when it's documented on Twitter, it makes things a little more obvious. Notorious tweeter and President of the United States, Donald Trump, is pretty infamous for criticizing an issue in the past, then doing that exact same thing as president. Now you can

Miss Texas was asked about Charlottesville and she delivered

Is anyone aware of any, uh, provisions in the Constitution that will allow Miss America to replace the current President of America? The Founders *clearly* did not prepare for a time when a minor contestant at a national pageant had far greater judgement and understanding than our

This depressing Hogwarts acceptance letter is going viral. You should read it.

Can you fathom the wizarding world of Harry Potter without Hermione Granger? Just imagine the disaster and horror that would await Harry and Ron if Hermione wasn't on that train! #WithoutHermione— Susannah Choate (@osusannah_) September 1, 2017 It's a thought that's horrified plenty of people online this week. #WithoutHermione Harry and