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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s director says it was “announced too early”

The director of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII remake says he feels that the game was announced “too early.” Game director Tetsuya Nomura addressed fan disappointment after more information about the game was not revealed at E3 earlier this month. The remake of Final Fantasy VII was first announced over three

Stanford sex assault: Judge faces removal

Voters in a California county appeared to hand down a sentence of their own Tuesday to recall controversial Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, according to early results from about half of the ballots.Read more about this at

Too early to believe in the Braves? Maybe not

It's not just that the Braves have opened the season with two series wins. It's the way they earned those wins, doing the things that scrappy, good-but-not-great teams have to do to sneak into the playoffs.Read more about this at