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How a Small Liberal Arts College in Iowa Could Hand Trump a Big Win Against Labor Rights

While the majority of America’s undergraduates are squirreled away in campus libraries preparing for finals, student workers at Grinnell College are preparing for a union showdown that could have serious implications for the future of organizing in the Trump era. A reversal could “eliminate student organizing.”  The previously friendly relationship between the small,

Wonderschool raises $20M to help people start in-home preschools

Educators already don’t get paid enough, and those that work in preschools or daycares often make 48% less. Meanwhile, parents struggle to find great early education programs where kids receive enough attention and there’s space, but they don’t need special connections or to pass grueling admissions interviews to get in. Any

Lyft partners with Udacity to hire self-driving car engineers

Lyft is teaming up with Udacity to find talent for its Level 5 autonomous-driving engineering team. The partnership entails a challenge designed to identify the best candidates in Udacity’s self-driving car engineer nanodegree program. Called the Lyft Perception Challenge, the idea is to test problem-solving skills around perception for