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Bryan Singer Keeping Directing Gig on ‘Red Sonja’ Remake

Bryan Singer will NOT be removed from his directing role on the remake of "Red Sonja" -- despite a bombshell report that details pedophilia allegations against him. Avi Lerner of Millennium Media -- a producer for the upcoming film -- released a…

Jason Momoa’s Photoshoot With His Gran Is Melting Hearts

@prideofgypsies/Instagram I often wonder what life would be like if I were a hugely successful celebrity with millions of pounds to my name (lol, I wish). Would I let the fame get to me and take everything for granted? Hopefully not. Or, the better option, would I stay true to my roots

Christian Bale Thanks Satan For Inspiration To Play Dick Cheney

PA It used to be the case that, upon receiving an award for their performance, actors would usually thank friends, family, and the big man in the sky. Some people still do this, just look at Matthew McConaughey and… others. Christian Bale being Christian Bale, the Dark Knight (because he loves to shout