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18 Female Characters Who Got Us Through 2018

This year was hard, wasn't it? We needed to take solace where we could. And for many of us here at POPSUGAR, that meant escaping the endlessly depressing, gut-wrenching, ever-harrowing news headlines by getting lost in some seriously great movies and TV shows, even just for a few moments. There's

Whose win projections changed the most after just 2 weeks?

The tops of the totem poles haven’t changed that much two weeks into 2018. But the middles have changed significantly. I tweaked this year’s S&P+ rankings to be more sensitive to early results. I did this primarily because weeks 3-6 are typically when S&P+ has a harder time

LSU’s quarterback history is disappointing, but not THAT bad

It’s fun to clown on the Tigers, but take a second look. LSU lost a quarterback for 2018, with former four-star quarterback Lowell Narcisse announcing his transfer just a few weeks before Week 1. It brings yet another name to the long list of transfers that have left

24 Chris Pratt Pictures That’ll Make You Weak in the Knees

Sure, you probably love Chris Pratt because he's talented and charming and hilarious, but let's just say it: he's also pretty damn easy on the eyes. It's an exciting time for the star, who's dominated headlines over the past couple years thanks to his leading roles in Guardians of the