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Get in Line. Follow the Rules. Go to Jail.

It was from two small faces on a video monitor that Ansly Damus learned the trees outside his jail cell were turning colors. It was late October, and Damus, a 42-year-old former teacher from Haiti who legally claimed asylum at the border in 2016, had not been allowed outside in

Another Migrant Caravan with 15,000 Takes Shape in Honduras

A new migrant caravan with as many as 15,000 participants is preparing to leave Honduras on Jan. 15, but most are likely to travel no further than southern Mexico, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Immigration tensions are already  at a boiling point as the year ends, with a California police officer’s killing by a

The “abolish ICE” campaign arrives in Congress

By Christine StengleinOver the past year a grassroots campaign to eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has gone from a hashtag on Twitter to a bill introduced by Rep. Marc Pocan (D-Wisc.) last week and a resolution passed by Republicans. The campaign to abolish ICE has picked up steam in recent

The hottest new space to disrupt is immigration

Ayah Bdeir Contributor Share on Twitter Ayah Bdeir is the founder and CEO of littleBits, a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks for children to create inventions, large and small. Tech CEOs and founders are disrupting everything from travel to food, to space, to sleep. Now it’s time to disrupt a process that so

Stephen Colbert calls BS on Trump’s ‘fix’ for humanitarian crisis

Following public outrage and immense pressure, Trump finally signed an executive order on Tuesday to stop the separation of migrant families crossing the U.S. border. But don't let Trump's executive order fool you. For one, it hasn't fooled Stephen Colbert. SEE ALSO: The question everyone's asking about kids detained at the border: