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O’Rourke begins 2020 bid with big crowds in Iowa

BURLINGTON, Iowa (AP) - Democrat Beto O'Rourke jumped into the 2020 presidential race Thursday, shaking up the already packed field and pledging to win over voters from across the political spectrum as he tries to translate his sudden celebrity into a formidable White House bid.

Giant duck balloon makes a daring escape and rolls through Iowa

Drivers have to anticipate a lot of things on the road, but a gigantic duck isn't usually one of them. But unfortunately, commuters in the great plains had to contend with Quacky last week.  Twitter user Marc R. Wallace captured video of an enormous inflatable duck that rolled down the streets of

Why is this video about Iowa #1 on YouTube’s trending charts?

Yesterday, while looking for some sweet content to share with our beloved readers, I stumbled upon the above video. It contains 24 seconds of a fast-talking Iowan describing his state in pretty generic terms. He mentions cornfields, more cornfields, and then says the state will be relevant again during the