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Volkswagen and Intel team up for Israel’s first self-driving car service

Waymo is planning to have a self-driving taxi service on the road by the end of the year in Arizona. GM's Cruise has its sights on an autonomous taxi hitting San Francisco streets in 2019. In Dubai, a self-driving taxi service is already in testing. Now, Intel's Mobileye autonomous vehicle tech

US will ‘take names of those who vote to reject Jerusalem recognition’

UN members warned Donald Trump will take issue personally if countries back draft resolution rejecting US decisionThe US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has warned UN members she will be taking names of countries that vote to reject vetoed at the security council earlier this

May on Brink of Losing Second Top Minister in One Week

Prime Minister Theresa May ordered her international development secretary to abandon a visit to Africa and return home immediately, suggesting she’s on the point of firing a member of her cabinet as the U.K. government faces fresh turmoil in the midst of Brexit talks.Priti Patel, who arrived in Kenya on