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Bumble drops its $400M lawsuit against Match, but this battle isn’t over

Bumble and Match’s ongoing legal battles are continuing today. According to a statement released by Match Group this morning, Bumble is dropping its $400 million lawsuit against Match, which had claimed Match fraudulently obtained trade secrets during acquisition talks. However, Bumble is preparing to refile its suit at

Court victory legalizes 3D-printable gun blueprints

A multi-year legal battle over the ability to distribute computer models of gun parts and replicate them in 3D printers has ended in defeat for government authorities who sought to prevent the practice. Cody Wilson, the gunmaker and free speech advocate behind the lawsuit, now intends to expand his operations,

US government seeks more payback in Lance Armstrong case

The U.S. government is seeking $1.2 million from Lance Armstrong’s former cycling team manager to wrap up a lawsuit that accused him and Armstrong of ripping off the U.S. Postal Service more than 14 years ago, USA Today reports.Read more about this at

Tesla settles class action suit over Autopilot claims for $5M

Tesla has paid out $5 million to settle a 2017 class action lawsuit that originally alleged that the Autopilot feature shipped in 2016 in the company’s cars was “essentially unusable and demonstrably dangerous.” The settlement does not admit this, but rather compensates owners for delays in delivering the promised

Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit on hold

The judge in Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has issued a stay, delaying the case for 90 days. Read more about this at