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♡ Here is my first impression of the new Glossier Cloud Paints & swatches on brown skin! :) There are four colors: Beam, Dusk, Puff, and Haze. See which ones I like best! Click here to subscribe! TRY GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINT: › ON ME › Sweater: Zara, but I bought it more than a

How to Spend Zero Extra Dollars This Month

Have you ever thought, I have oh so much cash. If only I knew what to do with it? If you have, please stop reading this article and make a check out to Amber Petty. DM for more detailed personal info. More likely, at the end of the month, you've probably

GTA Online adds the laser guns from its in-game cartoon show

I wish I could say that with its latest update, GTA Online has jumped the shark, but it already has guns like the Up-n-Atomizer. Perhaps it's jumping another shark of at least equal size. Anyway look, you can now buy your very own portable laser cannons, as seen in the