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Study says cannabis-related hospital visits are on the rise in Colorado

Researchers at the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital say that there have been 9,973 cannabis-related emergency room visits at their hospital between 2012 and 2016. They add that this means hospital trips related to cannabis use have tripled.  Read more...More about Marijuana, Cannabis, Colorado, Weed, and Thc

These stoner hackers want machine learning to save us from sick weed

Nothing harshes a good mellow like sick buds. Thankfully, there may one day be an app for that.  Hidden from the hazy Friday afternoon of Las Vegas, tucked away in the basement of the Flamingo casino, a group of likeminded hackers and security researchers gathered to explore "DIY cannabis tech" at

Here’s your handy guide to weed legalization in the U.S.

Weed has faced a bad rap from many lawmakers over the years but legislation has been changing.    Read more...More about Mashable Video, Marijuana, Weed In America, Marijuana Plant, and WeedRead more about this at