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How Happy Employees Can Help You Market Your Business

Are you looking for new ways to attract clients and increase business?  Maybe you’re considering investing in a full-blown marketing campaign or costly advertising? Consider this – you already have access to your most powerful brand promoters – your employees. By devoting time and energy in your people you can build

Binge-watching preys on our animal instincts

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. It's 2 a.m.  Empty plates specked with crumbs surround you.  The house is pitch dark, save the blue-tinged luster from your laptop.  You edge your slightly trembling hand forward — and

Bryan Singer Keeping Directing Gig on ‘Red Sonja’ Remake

Bryan Singer will NOT be removed from his directing role on the remake of "Red Sonja" -- despite a bombshell report that details pedophilia allegations against him. Avi Lerner of Millennium Media -- a producer for the upcoming film -- released a…

Automattic announces Newspack to help news organizations publish and monetize

Automattic, the company behind, is announcing a new project called Newspack. While details are still thin, the company wants to help news organizations with an all-in-one solution to publish and monetize their content. WordPress, the open-source project that lets you create websites on, is already a solid content