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15 Fascinating Facts About Emily Blunt, Because We All Love Her So Much

Let us count the ways that Emily Blunt is an absolute icon. She's an award-winning actress, her marriage to John Krasinski is total couple goals, she's starred in a wide variety of movies alongside Hollywood legends, and she never fails to look fantastic on the red carpet! And, of course,

Nancy Pelosi: Make Me Speaker Because I’m A Woman

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is trying a different, but predictable, approach to ensure she’s re-elected as House Speaker once Democrats officially reclaim the House of Representatives in January. Pelosi is now arguing that not only is she the most qualified, having served as House Speaker for four years under

The cyborg dancer who can detect earthquakes

It's 2018 and cyborgs live among us. But these human-machine hybrids don't look the way movies might have you believe. Most blend into the crowd, their mechanical elements hidden from view.