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Ken Jeong falls back on crude humor and lazy stereotypes in ‘You Complete Me, Ho’

Ken Jeong begins his new Netflix special, You Complete Me, Ho, the only way the man who played The Hangover‘s Leslie Chow could: pantomiming masturbating onto audience members’ faces and pulling the camera close to his own as he lip-syncs Wolfmother’s “Joker & the Thief.” Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho   RELEASE DATE: 2/14/2019 DIRECTOR:

These are the Netflix shows Gen-Z thinks actually represent them

When it comes to entertainment, diversity has become one of those words repeated so often that it sometimes seems to have lost all of its meaning. Diversity in programming is often lauded as a goal for networks and, in the case of the world's most-watched streaming platform, Netflix, but as

Binge-watching preys on our animal instincts

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. It's 2 a.m.  Empty plates specked with crumbs surround you.  The house is pitch dark, save the blue-tinged luster from your laptop.  You edge your slightly trembling hand forward — and

Netflix claims an enormous number of people are watching ‘You’

Lifetime's creepy stalker drama You hit Netflix just over three weeks ago — and according to the streaming service, that move is working out for everyone involved.  Per a post on one of Netflix's official Twitter accounts, the Penn Badgley-starring drama is "on track to be viewed by more than 40

Will Netflix Make More Interactive Movies? Turns Out It Already Did!

With the viral success of the choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix has entered new territory with a new level of audience control over the stories we see. Bandersnatch has gotten tons of attention, with fans trying to unlock all the different routes to all the different possible endings (and there

The trailer for ‘Carmen Sandiego’ is finally here and it’s 100% awesome

From international escapades to intergalactic adventures, fans have spent decades following expert thief Carmen Sandiego all over the map through video games. Now, they can hunt her down on Netflix in her new animated series, Carmen Sandiego. Complete with the iconic broad brimmed hat and flowing red overcoat, Gina Rodriguez heads

Here’s why we didn’t see the monsters in ‘Bird Box’

Since the Sandra Bullock horror film Bird Box was released on Netflix on Dec. 21, it's become the talk of Twitter. According to Netflix, 45 million accounts watched the film in its first week, and while it's likely no one truly understands the meaning of it, viewers are still searching for

Season 5 of ‘Black Mirror’ will be delayed because of ‘Bandersnatch’

With its myriad of decisions and endings, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch certainly looked like a hell of a film (or game?) to put together. So much so that in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Annabel Jones confirmed that Season 5 of the Netflix series would be delayed, with an arrival

Absolutely no one knows the meaning of ‘Bird Box’ so just stop asking

Warning: Light spoilers for Bird Box lie ahead. Welcome to Bird Box analysis, where the metaphors are made up and the points don't matter! Look. I like a return-to-English-class breakdown of a horror movie as much as the next gal—but this is getting ridiculous. Since Sandra Bullock's Netflix debut, Bird Box, started