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The Yule Log Channel

My aunt and uncle lived up the hill from Martins Ferry, Ohio, high above the river. My uncle ran a used car lot – Snezek’s – and so it was understood that they had a little bit of money and a bigger house than the rest of the family in

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, it’s Playoff conspiracy theory time!

Georgia and Ohio State ended Selection Sunday with their noses pressed up against the plexiglass of the Playoff. Let’s check in with some of their fans online. Welcome back to THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE, your weekly bicycle ride through the rockiest mountains of the college football internet.

Trump attacks GM, says they ‘better damn well open a new plant’ in Ohio after the automaker announces layoffs, factory shutdowns

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images President Donald Trump attacked General Motors over the automaker's shake-up announced Monday. GM will stop producing cars at the plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. "They better damn well open a new plant there very quickly," Trump said, referring to the Ohio plant. Trump previously promised that the jobs at