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Take any of these online STEM courses for just $10 during this huge sale

Editor's note: PCMag and Mashable are both owned by Ziff Davis. It's time to get educated, y'all. No seriously. The PCMag Shop is having a ginormous sale on educational software from Udemy, with courses covering everything from ethical hacking, to 3D modeling, to app development, and more for only $9.99. Considering the

Online courses in data science that could help you snag a new job

Move over, software developers. The sexist job title award now goes to data scientists. SEE ALSO: Take this online class and learn how to make Insta-money You might be thinking — there's absolutely nothing sexy about dissecting monstrous hordes of data sets in the hopes of finding trends and patterns that can

Dip your toes into AI with these online courses for Google Cloud

AI systems have led to improvements in a broad spectrum of industries, including medicine and business, and sprouted new technologies like voice assistants (can you imagine what your day would be like without Alexa?) and self-driving cars. It's an expansive and endlessly exciting field. If you're curious about learning more

Get a 1-year subscription to this video editing software that’s on sale

Making your own videos is as easy as lights, camera, action, right? But what if you don’t have lights, you’re shooting on your iPhone, and your only actors are the coworkers you bribed with snacks? Even with this skeleton crew, you could probably pull together some passable video content —