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The Pixel 3 Lite will be Google’s most important Pixel in 2019

Google's finally creating a Pixel phone for everyone else, and that's really exciting. For the past three years, Google's released a new Pixel phone in October. In 2016 we got the original Pixel, 2017 saw the release of the Pixel 2, and last year in 2018, we had the Pixel 3.

Why People Are Naming Their Babies Ivanka & Melania

Well this we did not expect. More parents are naming their babies after the first lady and first daughter, with "Ivanka" having surged in popularity by 362% and "Melania" by 227% since 2015, according to a review of Social Security Administration data by the website AreaVibes. (Hello, MAGA onesies?)Meanwhile, Ivanka's

Obama Says Voting Is Best Protest, Message to Kaepernick?

Barack Obama just made some very interesting comments to people who want to protest the way black people are being treated by the criminal justice system ... and it seems it may have been influenced by Colin Kaepernick.  "If you are really…