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Holy moly, Dubai’s police force is testing hoverbikes

While American police struggle to equip officers with body cameras, Dubai's police continue to drift further into the future and make the world's authorities red with envy. The Dubai Police have begun training crews to ride Hoversurf's S3 2019 Hoverbike, an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle capable of hovering

Florida Man Arrested in Connection With Mail Bomb Attacks

According to multiple reports, law enforcement authorities in Florida have arrested one man in connection to the wave of at least 12 bombs which have recently been mailed to prominent Democrats such as Barack Obama, the Clintons, and George Soros, as well as other public figures and CNN. Read more...

Charlottesville leaders defend police response to rally with violent turn

Yet far-right demonstrators and counterprotesters find fault with law enforcements reaction Government officials in Charlottesville, Virginia have rejected criticism that police failed to act to break up white nationalists and counterprotesters to prevent clashes that injured 14 people. The violence culminated with the death of one woman and an additional