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Get in Line. Follow the Rules. Go to Jail.

It was from two small faces on a video monitor that Ansly Damus learned the trees outside his jail cell were turning colors. It was late October, and Damus, a 42-year-old former teacher from Haiti who legally claimed asylum at the border in 2016, had not been allowed outside in

‘SNL’ goes in on Dianne Feinstein’s rough exchange with young activists

Saturday Night Live's version of Dianne Feinstein, the senator whose confrontation with a group of young students and climate activists blew up in February, can't help but berate kids. In a sketch that was cut for time, Cecily Strong played Feinstein as she tried to reclaim the narrative over her approach

R.E.M. get Trump’s “Everybody Hurts” video pulled from Twitter

R.E.M. have seemingly done the impossible — they silenced Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. Yesterday, shortly after declaring a national emergency over a non-existent crisis on the southern border and shortly before he jetted off to Mar-A-Lago for a weekend’s worth of golfing, Trump tweeted a video trolling his political opponents. The video

Watch Mike Pence gasp when no one claps at his terrible applause line

Vice President Mike Pence isn't a complicated man.  He likes Chili's, using his personal AOL account for official government business, and gay conversion therapy. And so, when he addressed attendees at the Middle East conference in Poland on Feb. 14, it's clear he believed that same down-home flavor that's treated him