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50 Cent Says Donald Trump Offered Him $500K Just To Be At Inauguration! Watch!

50 Cent and Elizabeth Warren went on The Late Late Show with host James Corden on Tuesday night, and the rapper was in a political mood when he revealed something VERY interesting… Donald Trump offered him $500,000 to be at his Presidential inauguration! That’s 50 cents times a MILLION! Not even to perform! Just

OH NO! Did Trump Get ALL His Border Crisis Info From A MOVIE?!

Whoever makes the biopic about the Donald Trump presidency is going to have a problem — some of the truth is too far-fetched even for a movie! This story is one of the most ludicrous; and ironically it’s about a movie. Trump’s entire argument behind the stupid wall is the border crisis. In his

Kathy Griffin Calls Out Don Cheadle Publicly — And He Responds HARD!

Whoa! Kathy Griffin and Don Cheadle went AT IT on Twitter late on Monday night, publicly fighting into the early morning for the whole world to see. At issue was the comedienne’s long-standing Donald Trump controversy — when she held a fake version of his severed, bloody head for photos — and how the comedian felt

Will Beto Run In 2020?

The 2018 midterms may have seen a slow blue wave after all as dozens of undecided races have eventually been called for Democrats as the final counts have finished. But it was a heartbreaker for a couple big name candidates, namely Stacey Abrams, who was narrowly defeated in the most overtly crooked