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Men More Satisfied By Bromances Than Their Relationships, Study Finds

Hugh Jackman/Twitter/PA Listen up guys and gals, I have to make a public service announcement for anyone who’s in a relationship right now. If you’re currently in a fully committed relationship with a man, or maybe you’ve only just started seeing them and are in that ‘what are we’ phase, you might

Kit Harington Accused Of Cheating After Model Releases Nude Photos Claiming It’s Him

Getty A woman has claimed she had an extramarital affair with Kit Harington in accusations immediately denied by the Game of Thrones actor. A rep for Harrington has quickly dismissed the claims as ‘completely false’. Harington stands accused of cheating on his wife, Rose Leslie, with Russian model Olga Vlaslova. Vlaslova released what she claimed

This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For

Wait for the guy who reaches for your hand on the street and holds it proudly. Wait for the guy who grabs your sides after stepping off the curb too soon. Wait for the guy who reaches for you through the heavy mountain of blankets in the middle of