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Russia blocks encrypted email provider ProtonMail

Russia has told internet providers to enforce a block against encrypted email provider ProtonMail, the company’s chief has confirmed. The block was ordered by the state Federal Security Service, formerly the KGB, according to a Russian-language blog, which obtained and published the order after the agency accused the company and

Trump Says Media Is Ignoring the “REAL Story on Russia”

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors in New York continue racking up convictions and guilty pleas in the ever-widening scandals connected to Donald Trump, the president is lashing out—at Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic National Committee, and, of course, at the media. Just hours after announcing the departure

U.S. will try DM sliding to fight Russian election interference

The United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), the part of the military tasked with conducting offensive cyber operations, is attempting to stop Russian operatives from interfering in American elections by sending them direct messages, the New York Times reports. Certain USCYBERCOM members have been permitted to identify, track, and send warnings to

Americans now view Russia as more of a threat than Iran

Reuters/Getty A new Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in July shows that more Americans view Russia as a threat to the country than Iran.  The polling shows that fear of Russia has been on the rise since 2015, while fear of Iran has been declining slightly over the past three years.  The poll also found

DHS launches a new cyber hub to coordinate against threats to US infrastructure

Among the many things the current administration has been criticized for is its lack of a unified strategy to combat cyber threats, especially in light of ongoing election interference and psy ops perpetrated by Russia. The Department of Homeland Security is advancing the ball with the creation of the National