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Here are all the 5G phones announced at MWC

Mobile World Congress is underway, which means there are a handful of brand spankin’ new 5G phones hitting the market soon. How ever will you decide? Here’s a look at all the 5G phones announced thus far: Huawei Mate X The Mate X is a foldable 5G phone with one 4.6-inch screen, another 6.6-inch

Super deals on 4K TVs: Save on Sony, RCA, Samsung, LG, and VIZIO

Did you know there's some sort of big football game coming up in two weeks? We hear it's one of the biggest TV events of the year and it's going to be a super time for everyone who watches it. It's like a..big game in February, or something. We think people

Samsung’s new Space monitor is perfect for tiny offices

Is your office or work desk low on space? You might want to look at Samsung's new Space Monitor, which comes with several features that make it a good fit into places where space is limited.  The company also launched several other monitors ahead of CES, which kicks off next week,

Samsung fakes test photo by using a stock DSLR image

Samsung’s Malaysian arm has some explaining to do. The company, in an effort to show off the Galaxy A8 Star’s amazing photo retouching abilities, used a cleverly-shot portrait, modified it, and then ostensibly passed it off as one taken by the A8. The trouble began when Serbian photographer Dunja Djudjic noticed

Get six months worth of popcorn and movies with these tasty Samsung deals

Samsung clearly has the 'Friday Feeling'. It has launched some incredible weekend offers to celebrate the end of another working week. Up until midnight on Dec. 2 you can pick up a Samsung Sound+ HW-MS550 Wireless Smart Soundbar with Incredibles 2 Ultra HD Blu-ray, a £50 off voucher code (EARLYXMAS50), and

8K TVs are here, and they’re totally pointless

Every now and then, TV manufacturers start a new trend to keep the hype for their products going. If you bought a TV in the last year, a salesman probably told you that some iteration of HDR is a must-have. Your current TV likely supports 3D — and I bet