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Liam Neeson says harassment allegations are now ‘a witch-hunt’

Hollywood A-lister suggests the treatment of some celebrities, such as Garrison Keillor, has been excessiveLiam Neeson has described the wave of sexual misconduct allegations that have swept the entertainment industry as a bit of a witch-hunt and appeared to dismiss breast groping as childhood stuff in an interview on Irish

Garrison Keillor: the downfall of a beloved figure accused of misconduct

The host of A Prairie Home Companion has been fired after accusations of sexual impropriety, tarnishing a legacy that stretches back to the 70sThe mellifluous baritone was compared to a down comforter, or a slow drip of midwestern molasses or your grandfather telling a bedtime story, a voice millions of

What happened when I discovered my brother was a sexual predator

Unravelling the central mystery of my childhood taught me the uncomfortable truth about toxic male behavior and what I, as a man, must do about itIve fallen out of touch with a lot of childhood friends, but how it happened with my Christie was different more sudden, and

Donald Trump appears to back Roy Moore: ‘Look, he denies it. He denies it’

Trump weighs in on sexual misconduct allegations and offers tacit endorsement of embattled Republican Senate candidateDonald Trump finally weighed in on the sexual misconduct allegations that have engulfed the Senate candidate Roy Moore. The presidents comments seemed to amount to an endorsement. Speaking to reporters at the White House on