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The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera is $30 off at Best Buy

Having a fancy camera phone is hella convenient and amazing, but there’s something so cool about instant pictures. They’re genuine depictions of a captured moment because you only have one chance to get the shot. Technically you could retake a photo if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, but let’s

Stinky feet? These inserts can help and are currently on sale.

Face it: Those boots you bought this past Black Friday have already begun to smell something fierce thanks to an unholy union of sweat and bacteria. Happens to the best of us, you know. Fortunately, there's a simple remedy to your odor woes in the form of some specially designed shoe

Get six months worth of popcorn and movies with these tasty Samsung deals

Samsung clearly has the 'Friday Feeling'. It has launched some incredible weekend offers to celebrate the end of another working week. Up until midnight on Dec. 2 you can pick up a Samsung Sound+ HW-MS550 Wireless Smart Soundbar with Incredibles 2 Ultra HD Blu-ray, a £50 off voucher code (EARLYXMAS50), and

PureVPN has slashed 73% off its yearly plan for Halloween

Halloween is the time to dress up, eat sweets, and carve a pumpkin. It's also the perfect time to grab some killer savings, because PureVPN has slashed the price of its yearly plan by 73% for Halloween. This deal saves you almost £75 over the course of the year. That is

Dip your toes into AI with these online courses for Google Cloud

AI systems have led to improvements in a broad spectrum of industries, including medicine and business, and sprouted new technologies like voice assistants (can you imagine what your day would be like without Alexa?) and self-driving cars. It's an expansive and endlessly exciting field. If you're curious about learning more