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10 of the best tablets in the UK, according to online reviews in 2019

Tablets are great! They're compact, sleek, and magical devices that you can bring with you anywhere. You can get some work done on the road, watch a movie at home, or read an e-book while chilling in the garden. Tablets are wonderful if you need something better than a smartphone,

Google quits selling tablets

Google has quietly crept out of the tablet business, removing the “tablets” heading from its Android page. Perhaps it hoped no one would notice on a Friday and by Monday it would be old news, but Android Police caught them in the act. It was there yesterday, but it’s

Apple announces $329 iPad with support for Apple Pencil

As predicted, Apple announced a new 9.7-inch iPad at its education-focused event in Chicago on Tuesday. And yes, it supports the Apple Pencil, making it the first iPad that isn't a "Pro" to do so.  The new iPad costs $329 ($299 for education institutions), which is the same price as the