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‘SNL’ goes in on Dianne Feinstein’s rough exchange with young activists

Saturday Night Live's version of Dianne Feinstein, the senator whose confrontation with a group of young students and climate activists blew up in February, can't help but berate kids. In a sketch that was cut for time, Cecily Strong played Feinstein as she tried to reclaim the narrative over her approach

Please don’t forget to honor Jack Pearson this Super Bowl Sunday

The Big Game is almost here, but for This Is Us fans everywhere Super Bowl Sunday is known as The Big Cry. Ever since the NBC drama revealed the tragic death of America's TV dad, Jack Pearson, in a "Super Bowl Sunday" episode that rudely aired immediately after the game in

‘Breaking Bad’ returns with a new crime-filled mobile game

Walter White lives on. Sort of. More than five years after Breaking Bad ended, fans of the show will be able to dive back into the meth-filled underbelly of New Mexico with the upcoming mobile game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Thursday. SEE ALSO: Why We're Hardwired to Binge

The best part of ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ is the supernatural teen romances

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 just premiered on Hulu, and while it's not exactly prestige television, we can't resist the love bonding its core characters.  Like the comics, Runaways is about six friends on the run from their supervillain parents...but we'd be fine if the show skipped that part and just let

Why we’ll never get rid of program guides — MashTalk

Want live TV over the internet? Today you have several options, including Hulu, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and more. It’s hard to remember, though, but there was a time when there were virtually no options for consumers who wanted to cut the cord. Sure, services like Netflix and Vudu provided