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Trump Is Correct, Democratic Party is anti-Jewish

{Originally posted to The Lid blog} On his way to Marine One on Friday, President Donald Trump told reporters what he thought about the Democrats’ refusal to censure Rep Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism. “I thought yesterday’s vote by the House was disgraceful because it’s become–the Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They’ve

Axl Rose’s ballot is in the mail: “Vote Blue… Bitches!!”

Guns N’ Roses will be on tour overseas when the Election Day rolls around on November 6th, but Axl Rose is making sure his vote counts in the upcoming midterm elections. The singer has mailed in his absentee ballot in California, and is urging his fans to vote Democratic. Rose tweeted

Alabama Congressional Candidate Says State Has Purged Thousands Of Voters

Mallory Hagan, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Alabama's 3rd District, stood on the historic Tuskegee Courthouse steps on Thursday and announced that she had made a troubling finding: Over 55,000 voters were either disqualified or labeled "inactive" since February 2017 in her district. Statewide, the number could be in

Daily Kos Elections Georgia primary runoff liveblog thread #1

Polls close at 7 PM ET in Georgia for primary runoffs in contests where no candidates took a majority in the May 22 primary. The bitter GOP race for Georgia governor takes center stage, while Democrats will also choose their nominees in a pair of suburban Atlanta House seats. Our

Your vote matters. Take it from this Democrat who won 11,608 to 11,607.

Image: AFP/Getty ImagesDemocracy! Sometimes it feels so pointless. But before you decide to skip next election, consider this: a race in the Virginia House of Delegates was decided by a single vote.  On Tuesday, the results of a recount by Virginia election officials was announced, and it turns out