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Trump surrogate gets dunked on for sipping a $25 ‘gin and tonic’ with a straw

harlan hill trump 25 dollar gin and tonic straw

Fiscal conservatism, on paper anyway, tends to adhere to minimal government spending, low taxes, and generally just walking a very fine tightrope between revenue and spending, which is why it’s extra confusing (and funny) when a Trump surrogate pays $25 for a gin and tonic. Harlan Hill, an advisory board member for the 2020 Trump campaign and Fox News political commentator not only paid a ludicrous amount for the basic beverage but also complained about the attendant biodegradable straw.

When Hill posted his gripes to Twitter, the denizens of social media couldn’t help but dunk on the conservative figure.

“Enjoying a $25 gin and tonic at the Four Seasons,” Hill tweeted Thursday night. “Too bad my PAPER straw is melting. Liberalism is a disease.”

First came the obvious question: Who in their right mind would pay $25 for one of the world’s most basic cocktails? A gin and tonic might top out at $16 at a fancy bar in a major city like San Franciscso—pricey for sure, but a far cry from Hill’s $25 version.

[paying $25 for a cocktail with two ingredients] let me tell you why Liberals are stupid

— Jason O. Gilbert (@gilbertjasono) December 7, 2018

Liberalism is an ideology, alcoholism is a disease. Also, 1) wrong glass for a G&T2) don't drink G&T through a straw3) Paying $25 for a G&T and thinking it's the straw that sucks is on a par with paying with your soul to make Trump POTUS and thinking he doesn't suck.

— James Morrison (@JamesPMorrison) December 7, 2018

Paying that much for a gin and tonic proves you’re not a good conservative

— Mitchell Fink (@themitchellfink) December 7, 2018

This tweet oughta play well with your base in Appalachia who count loose change to pay for their insulin.

— fellowgirlnamedgrace (@gracieminabox) December 7, 2018

One Twitter user even mocked Hill by calling back to conservative grifter Jacob Wohl’s “overhead in a liberal coffee shop” meme.

Then there were the folks who called out Hill for the strange state of his “gin and tonic,” noting the white foam and tall glass uncharacteristic for such a drink.

1. Who the hell drinks a gin and tonic with a straw? 2. Gin and tonics are clear. Your straw is black. The amount of white residue in that glass makes me think it’s a pina colada. Stop trying to make yourself sound cooler than you are.

— Dana Goldberg (@DGComedy) December 7, 2018

If non-plastic straws get you as frothy as that $25 gin and tonic* maybe you should try drinking from the glass.

*thats definitely not a gin and tonic

— Salena (@Salencita) December 7, 2018

Why is there white foam (?) in your overpriced gin and tonic?

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) December 7, 2018

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Twitter roast without at least one comparison to a cartoon.

Harlan Hill, the original form of Master Billy Quizboy

— Antoine Linguine (@aklingus) December 7, 2018

It seems Hill isn’t the only conservative ordering questionable drinks and then complaining about the available straw options. Amber Athey, a media and breaking news editor for the Daily Caller, also appears to have been at the same hotel and ordered a “gin drink,” only to receive the same mysteriously foamy beverage. She also tweeted the same joke as Hill, at around the same time. 

Spent half of my rent money on this gin drink at the Four Seasons only for this sickening paper straw to dissolve in my mouth lmao. Liberalism is a joke.

— Amber Athey (@amber_athey) December 7, 2018

What’s wrong with the GOP “elite” that they think drinking cocktails through a straw in public is a “thing?” Don’t blame liberals for your lack of social skills. Stick to Applebee’s – that’s your wheelhouse.

— Kristen S. (@KristenInVA) December 7, 2018

All the haranguing must have gotten to him; Hill deleted the tweet on Saturday.

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